Confidence in Speaking a Foreign Language

ImageSo are you learning a foreign language? You probably have the basic word vocabulary, understand texts, and maybe can even eavesdrop other people’s conversations… Still, are you really one of those lucky few who at this point can simply come up to a native speaker and start chatting? If you are, well, CONGRATULATIONS!. Otherwise, you are probably more like the rest of us- humble humans- afraid to make a mistake, feeling tongue tied and speechless in a foreign language. Do you end up continuously nodding and smiling or just running away from the possible conversations?  We can feel your pain! We are exactly the same…

The good news is that we have actually found a solution! Yes, you will not be surprised- the solution is to start talking. You need to talk, talk and talk some more. Start with baby steps! First, you can talk in front of the mirror. Next step, you can record your voice with a mike on your computer. Yes, it can be boring but it will be helpful.

Right now we are creating an Ipad application that will make the process easier and actually fun. Basically, we are creating a dialogue simulator where you will be able to have a conversation with a very friendly and positive character. With our help you’ll start talking without being stressed about making a stupid mistake and seeing a disappointed face of some native speaker with to high standards. You’ll hear how things are supposed to be said, listen to yourself and gain confidence.

Stay tuned for more updates! And, well, get talking!

With love,

Talkio Team

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