In search of the hardest English word to pronounce

Speaking English is easy. If you don’t believe us simply think of how many people managed to master it :). Still, there are some words that make speaking English a pain. Probably everyone will agree that sometimes the pronunciation is hard to guess and goes against all logic. If you are trying to speak English, you know what we mean! Some words seem to be designed to haunt all the inexperienced learners.

We at Talkio decided to find out what the hardest English words to pronounce are. Obviously, we want to include them into our application to give users the most benefits out of using our speaking iPad app.

What we have found out was quite interesting. The hardest words to pronounce depend on what someone’s first language is. Many of Russian-, German- and Farsi-speaking folks, for example, have trouble with the [TH] sound. All those languages simply do not have this sound, and learning a new sound proves to be very difficult. This is why words like “thumb”, “thorough”, and “theater” give some people a terrible headache. There is a great ad based on this issue:

My Spanish-speaking friends have a different kind of problem. Apparently, in Spanish the [V] and the [B] sounds are nearly identical, even though in English they are completely different. This is why native Spanish speakers tend to mix those sounds up. They can say “behicle” instead of “vehicle”, or “bideo” when they mean “video”.

There are so many words that people pronounce incorrectly simply because in their own language the words are similar but sound different. This concerns, for example, a French person trying to say the word “culture” and pronouncing something more like “coolture”, and their “heart” sounds exactly like “art”.

All in all, almost any word is difficult to pronounce for someone in our big world! Also, it is very likely that you make one mistake or another and are completely oblivious about it. No worries, Talkio can’t wait to help you! =)

Working hard to create something special,

Talkio team

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